Testimonials from Our Customers

September 25, 2019 - I can't tell you how much it means to our team to have such a great relationship with your team -- we deeply value your quick response, professionalism and technical savvy. I wanted to take a moment on behalf of our team to commend the Public Web service desk and AFPIMS development teams for their excellent work on our website Refresh project. 

Your development team has been extremely responsive and quick to implement our requirements, change requests and improvements. This has been a truly collaborative experience between our teams in building the new modules and making the changes quickly for review, and have been responsive to our team's testing and additional feedback. 

Your service desk team has been doing an extremely good job troubleshooting and working with us to resolve problems as we test the various module changes. The customer service and client relations efforts have been excellent. 

 We look forward to continuing this collaborative effort.


January 20, 2019 - In another fabulous example of teamwork, the DMA Public Web team just provided a huge helping hand when we were getting critical error messages in the CMS while updating the page for the new secretary of defense. I can't tell you how much it means to our team to have such a great relationship with your team -- we deeply value their quick response, professionalism and technical savvy.

Feb 10, 2021 - DoD Public Web hosting allows the U.S. Central Command team to use a robust platform to communicate our part of national defense strategy, defense policy, and national security issues as they relate to U.S. Central Command operations and exercises in the Middle East. It allows us to provision webpages as needed to support any USCENTCOM operation providing a dedicated space to communicate operation specific information while allowing us control over the database and assets when the operations ends. This helps us to maintain a clean web presence, eliminate zombie websites, and reduce the opportunity for those zombie websites to create confusion and mitigate adversarial mis- and dis-information. DoD Public Web hosting also provides us an economical way to maintain regulatory compliance for website modernization, digitization of government services, cybersecurity, records management, and FISMA.


Jan 28, 2021 - When we were looking at the best available options to host NationalGuard.mil, AFPIMS was the obvious choice. The website security, support and training options provided were the top selling points. We look forward to our continued partnership with the AFPIMS team as are the other National Guard organizations throughout the 54 states and territories as more and more of them choose to move their website to this platform each day.

February 8, 2021 - The Defense Media Activity’s Public Web program has provided phenomenal web hosting support for the U.S. Air Force – and its more than 330 public websites – for more than a decade.  With its American Forces Public Information Management System, or AFPIMS, content management system, the Air Force has enjoyed the benefits of DMA’s flexible, secure system with nearly 100 percent up-time.  By building and housing our websites in the AFPIMS ecosystem, we’ve been able to keep our sites in the ‘.mil’ domain; comply with federal laws, regulations and directives; meet requirements in Dept. of Defense and Air Force regulations and instructions; increase disability accessibility; ensure integrity in release of information requirements; maintain Air Force branding; safeguard personally identifiable information; and save money across the DOD.  The AFPIMS CMS enables our Public Affairs professionals to meet commanders’ communication priorities with an easy-to-use system of training, technical solutions and Service Desk support, all while maintaining a consistent look and feel – and content sharing – across the Service.  Additionally, the DMA Public Web program has allowed the Air Force to increase its reach to various audiences by integrating mobile responsiveness for smart phones and tablets, and by working seamlessly with the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) and the Air Force Connect mobile app.  We look forward to building on our years-long relationship with the DOD Public Web program and are excited about growing with them into the future.


October 2, 2019 - The new site is now fully functional and up-to-date. I would like to have this opportunity to bring a few things to your attention. It usually takes a unit 6-months at a minimum to build, populate, customize and deploy a site. It took us 1.5 Months. We are now in compliance with AFI 35-107 and other 24 DoD and AF regulations the AFI cites. We have reduced operational cost by 96%. We went from a $100K annual cost by hosting it in a custom build infrastructure, to a $4K annual cost by using AFPIMS cloud service model, Software as a Service (SaaS).

The website is 100% mobile device compatible. The new site has social media integration. You can share any of our news, success stories or videos to your own social media. The new site can collect and display our different social media posts in one central location. We have a service called DVIDs where we store all of our videos. Our site integrates with DVIDS, and auto pulls any videos loaded to it. The major difference between this service and YouTube, is that you do not need to buffer from inside AFNET. Outside the network, both services works very well.

You can capture site visit metrics. Who, When and their Geo Location. You can collect surveys from visitors. We have full control and responsibility of the site. We can update approved content when needed in matter of minutes. Last, it conveys up-to-date information to our community in a format that it is user friendly. It also centralize all information lines\services related to our program in one central location.

We were able to do all of these items by working as a team. We owe a big thank you to our Communications team, our Business Operations team, our Infrastructure team, AFRL\PK, AFRL\FM, WPAFB PA office, AF PA office, and Defense Media Agency (DMA). We worked towards a single goal and at times managed multiple priorities at play. If it wasn't for our team's support, this would have been a much longer and complex process.

We are starting FY18 with a new public site to better assist our community. This is only the beginning for better things to come. For everyone involved on this project, I just want to say thank you for the support. The above accomplishments are your accomplishments.  You were the major catalyst on this project. Thank You!


July 13, 2019 - I spent nearly an hour on the phone last night with an Air Force customer. The site manager is very excited about his website. He said several of the general grade officers he has coordinated with are impressed with their new site, which will go live tomorrow. As a former DISA AI employee, he has high technical requirements, and he said AFPIMS has exceeded his expectations.

February 5, 2021 - AFPIMS makes website management easy for those who don't have experience with coding. The platform is user friendly and provides many different options to present information. The site offers a clean design, but with all of the different choices, each website has its own unique look."


February 2, 2021 - I cannot recommend the AFPIMS platform enough for anyone building a DOD website. A basic understanding of HTML is helpful but not necessary but the back-end coding of templates, layouts, etc. is all available without having to get too deep into it. As a public affairs officer, this allows me to focus on content instead of coding myself or having to employ an IT team in-house.


October 7, 2019 - I will be the point of contact for our organization for the design and layout of our new website using AFPIMS. I have just recently arrived and am getting to know with whom I will be speaking with on the design of the website. I just got off the phone with your help desk for the training website you host and I will say that I am impressed at the professionalism of your help desk and amazed at the capabilities and scalability of your Content Management System. I know that we here throughout our organization will be well served with your CMS. 

January 12, 2021 - NAVSEA has used DMA's website hosting and AFPIMS website content management system for 6+ years. The AFPIMS system enables us to create and manage a professional website with little training and no programming knowledge. Our cost is reasonable, and their support team is professional, incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. NAVSEA is very pleased with DMA and gives them two thumbs up!

October 18, 2017 - A year ago many Coast Guard stakeholders were skeptical when we mentioned the DoD "cloud" and doubted this could even be accomplished by COB FY17.... 

SideNote: Krystal and Rod finished a month early, leaned into September hurricane PubWeb ops like bad-ass Coasties, and securely informed millions worldwide. 

Now, many look to us for even more secure cost-saving info/comms solutions and some actively wonder why more CG and DHS products aren't in the cloud already. With your help, we've changed a culture for the better. And I believe it can only get better with DMA's portfolio and experts close at hand supporting the USCG.


Ms. Rebecca Morrow was very responsive to all interactions. Extremely knowledgeable, capable, assisting me with any difficulties I encountered during the migration process.

William P Bowman Jr    2 months ago      PWMSD-189 - DHA Rodriguez Migration Feedback


Sean Hall was very helpful and attentive. He met with me via conference call each week to discuss my progress, address any problems and answer questions. As a public affairs specialist who is not very technically inclined, I deeply appreciated how he explained information in a way that I could easily digest and understand. During the occasions I reached out to him between conference calls, his response was prompt and eager to serve. Sean shows exemplary professionalism while at the same time coming across as approachable and friendly. His patient, easy going demeanor made me feel more at ease during a process that at times building became very stressful and frustrating due to my lack of software savviness. When I made a mistake or couldn’t get something to work correctly, Sean either figured out the issue and went to other members of the AFPIMS team for information until he had a resolution.
I must add that Sean wasn’t assigned as my original mitigation specialist. He inherited our Gulfport CRTC account after the first person shifted to another position. As someone who entered the process midway unaware of previous discussions, Sean rose to the occasion and did an outstanding good job in catching up to speed. I had worried the transfer might adversely affect the process. However, in Sean’s capable hands the Gulfport CRTC was still able to hit our target launch date. Our leadership and our members are very proud of the final product.
Thank you.

Andrea D Thomas Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center about 3 months ago  


They were excellent!! Thank you Katie and Paola!

Jeanine Mezei   3 months ago      PWMSD-156 - TRICARE - ACH Evans-Carson Migration Feedback


I would like to thank both Hannah and Steve. They both did an excellent job and were very professional. They were both very responsive to our questions and requests and knowledgeable of the software and process. They made the transition of our web site painless. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is transitioning their site and would work with them again. Excellent team.

Bob Kemmerer, METC website migration about 3 months ago


Hannah is a rock star! She is a true professional, never seemed frustrated when we asked crazy questions, or had to be reminded of our deadlines. She knows the system well and worked with us to get what we wanted. Over all we felt that she went over and above to get us started. Out of a high 10 score we give her a 12!

1SG Sandra D. Lucas  4 months ago for Alabama National Guard


Our migration specialist was very helpful and knowledgeable. Additionally, she was very responsive and able to support our schedule even with a +16 hour time difference. Hannah was very professional and courteous and went above and beyond to get our site where it needed to be.

Anthony Ramos   4 months ago          PWMSD-115 - Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz Migration Feedback


Sean Hall our migration specialist was awesome. He was very professional, always available and took his time to walk me through procedures to ensure that I understood the system. He made the process of working on this site less stressful thereby allowing me to bring it online on schedule.

Felicia Neale   5 months ago          PWMSD-103 - Virgin Islands National Guard Migration Feedback


Jeff Saunders was a fantastic person to work with. He provided excellent help and services.

Matt Campbell    9 months ago          PWMSD-81 - Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Migration Feedback


Paola has been with us for our second site migration and her product knowledge, professionalism, and customer service continues to be above the bar. Her knowledge and experience has pushed our vision for our site to reality. We are grateful to have her on our team.

Michael S Quezada 11 months ago          PWMSD-67 - NCO Leadership Center of Excellence Migration Feedback


Paola did an outstanding job assisting us with our migration process. She was always professional and was always immediately available to assist us. She was very knowledgeable and provided us with multiple solutions to make our website designed how we envisioned it. We are grateful that she was there to help us during this process.

Michael S Quezada    about a year ago          PWMSD-53 - NCO World Campus Migration Feedback


So by far, the best part of the whole process was getting to work with Jeff Saunders! He exemplifies the best in professionalism, being helpful, timely and always in a great mood ready to help you with some question or ask! He is one of the nicest support members I have ever worked with anywhere. I would give him 10 stars if allowed, but he is what overall made this a great experience! His knowledge of the product and what was going on was also superb and my only wish is if we could use him as our primary POC the entire time, not just until initial launch. The couple of times I couldn't reach Jeff, the other members on the support staff were also excellent in helping me to resolve my issues, or Jeff was already on it when he was remote. You have an excellent staff there! Also one last thing, Jeff was super helpful when it came to suggesting possible work arounds or putting together some suggestions of how we might format content and so on. This really helped us when we just needed a little extra support and helped us launch in a timely manner. He helped us track down more than a couple bugs during this process. The process itself was a bit harder if you are not used to a CMS like DNN or AFPIMS. The small certification required at the beginning getting to know the product to become a site admin is helpful, but the website for support is not. It constantly failed to load sometimes and the articles were not searchable for related terms that might match. Nor was there a forum to ask question or see discussions around materials asked before. Some of the PDFs were helpful but limited in actually relating to customizability we were searching for. When actually using AFPIMS, the page admin takes some getting used. It is not clear nor is their good inline help for many of the functions or modules we ended up using. For example try to determine which page layout, theme and container do on your own. There is no help and it just takes a lot of time to play around to learn about them. Jeff was super helpful in quickly walking through this part though. Without him this would have taken us many orders of magnitude in time what it took. We had to custom code a few times to even make some of the basic things we wanted to work. This will severely impact our ability to have more non-technical people maintain the site and the content. A forum with common workarounds might be a good way to control some of this or at least enable customers to continue to be more self actuators. One last thing I would like to mention is that it would be helpful to have some sort of back up and version-control mechanisms. I know about the recycle bin which is helpful, but its no replacement for the ability to backup the whole site or maintain certain versions of content that the recycle bin doesn't pick up (for instance if you changed the text in something and want to change it back). It would also be helpful to see the changes made to a module's content, like a diff screen. Since there is no way to export the content (like a manual backup), I also have no way to see a diff of content and who changed what. Overall it has been a very good experience but its been Jeff, and the other support staff, that really make this shine. Thank you for the chance to give feedback. Sincerely, Chris Whitten

Chris Whitten    about a year ago          PWMSD-54 - JEDI Cloud Computing Program Office Migration Feedback


Sean was absolutely fantastic to work with. He was very knowledgeable, nice, patient, and an overall great teacher. I'll miss working with him.

Brian Brackens   about a year ago          PWMSD-49 - Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Migration Feedback

Very knowledgeable about the migration process and steered the customer to the right path. Thanks, Sean.

Michael C. Kim    about a year ago          PWMSD-42 - Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) Migration Feedback


Jeff was great to work with and we couldn't have gotten this far without him! Thank you!

Ashley Vietri    about a year ago          PWMSD-41 - Airforce Warfighting Integration Capability Migration Feedback

Thank you for assisting us; keep up the good work always.

March 2023   DOD   A5SD-61472


You need to add a category for PATIENCE BEYOND BELIEF! Ms. Medoza was very patient walking me through rearranging / adding / deleting pages to a web account that was created by someone else. AND ... she sent me some pdf's to refer to b/c I'm still working on getting things worked out for NCTAMS LANT. THANKS!

February 2023    Navy   A5SD-61035


I had submitted the ticket knowing that I would not be available for phone calls or any real exchange. I stated that if I could just get info to make the correction I needed as Text or a link to online training (could not find when I looked) that would be great. The technician not only provided the information but because I was clear enough in the explanation of what I needed they went ahead and affected the minor change I needed. It looks great. Thank you.

January 2023     USCG   A5SD-59982


Minimum time to help me resolve this situation. Happy holidays.

December 2022      Air Force   A5SD-59931


My experience was not bad - everyone I spoke with was courteous & professional. My only reason for scoring a 3 v.s. 5 star rating was the length of time it took for the issue to be resolved - and partly because I believe if a better "sandbox" pre-production testing environment was used this glitch may have been caught and corrected before affecting production websites.

October 2022     Navy   A5SD-57023


The AFPIMS staff has helped greatly with all of my questions and issues I have had with changing our website. I really do not have a enough good words to speak to the professionalism and helpful attitude they approach every call with. Whether its David Gremillion, Colin Greeley, Joshua Hall or anyone else on the staff I speak with I get the assistance I need. If they have to call back they always do and go beyond to help with getting me solutions. THANK YOU everyone.

September 2022    Army   A5SD-57378


First time ever dealing with a service department where I was not frustrated or felt that the issues was getting the attention required. John Hanson was not only knowledgeable to the solutions to our issues, but showed both I and our site manger his professionalism and steadfast desire to resolve the issues. It was much appreciated, and why I am putting my time and effort in actually completing this survey. In the end, all up and running! Thank you John and team!

July 2022    Marines   A5SD-55602


A very positive experience--she identified the problem, emailed a solution, and called me the next day to verify that I had received the email. She was very helpful & courteous.
May 2022              USCG  A5SD-54350


Joshua Hall was extremely helpful in resolving my issue and I appreciate the customer service received. Thank you!

February 2022    Marines  A5SD-51636


Thank you for heling resolve this issue so quickly and sharing a technique that may be helpful should the issue be observed again in the future.

January 2022     Air Force  A5SD-50661


Outstanding customer service! Understood my issue and was able to provide the end result which was a sounding resolution, extremely helpful. Very professional!

December 2021  Marines  A5SD-50069


As always, courteous, timely responses that even I can understand. Thanks!

September 2021  Navy  A5SD-48337


Very fast turnaround and solved the problem. Thanks!

July 2021  Marines   A5SD-46554


Fast turnaround, they know what the problem was and resolved quickly.

May 2021  USCG  A5SD-45199

The helpdesk responded immediately to my ticket, requested clarification, and requested my input on fix action. Give Caitlin Terrazas a raise!

February 2021  Air Force  A5SD-42774


Fantastic response time. I put in a request to add a user and it was resolved within a few hours. Greatly appreciate the quick turnaround; it's always nice to get some accomplished quickly. Thanks.

January 2021  Marines  A5SD-42113


Chris Conner was thorough and not only took the time to understand the issue so it could be fixed, he also provided a clever work around solution that will actually be even more helpful in the long run.

January 2021  USACE  A5SD-41579


We at FRCSW always receive professional, friendly support from DMA/AFPIMS Support. Today Kevin assisted us and he was polite, responsive and helped us fix the issue. It was easy and we appreciate all the assistance. Thank you.

November 2020   Navy  A5SD-40412


David Gremillion was fantastic!! I had trouble accessing the testing module. In less than an hour, he was able to determine a glitch in the system that wasn't allowing me to open the module. He rectified the situation and I was able to get my certificate so I could request access to Navy.mil.

August 2020  Navy  A5SD-37858


Absolutely awesome! I was in a pinch, the 4-star general expected to see results by Tuesday morning, and if he didn't, I'd obviously be feelin' the heat! So, though a couple guys walked me through the steps on Friday and I thought it was squared away, to my dismay on Sunday, it wasn't. So, to my grateful surprise you guys were there to help again on a holiday weekend. I even received a follow-up phone call to reassure me it was taken care of. You guys rock! Thanks a million!

May 2020 Army  A5SD-35807


A help desk rep contacted me very quickly to resolve the critical error message I was getting. He stayed on the phone with me while I tried to replicate the issue. Efficient, friendly and professional.

February 2020  DLA  A5SD-32938


Thanks for your prompt response. Keep up the good work.

December 2019  PACOM  A5SD-31592


I'm very grateful for the help- not only did they help me deliver the solution in a timely fashion they also sent me some updated information that I needed since some things had changed since I had last been in moving information in the accordion menu. Thank you very much for the assistance!

September 2019- USCG  A5SD-29728


Rodolfo was extremely helpful! I called with three different questions and he was able to walk me through each one in a clear and concise manner. Great job! It would be helpful to actually teach an AFPIMS class though (in a classroom).

July 2019 DOD  A5SD-28633


I am consistently amazed by the incredible, courteous, professional and patient customer service you provide. You are the gold standard of what customer service should be. Jose Villegas responded to my request this time and he was awesome!

February 2019 Navy  A5SD-24095


This was such a frustrating issue and it was fixed right away in such a courteous professional manner! I even got a follow-up call the next day. I can't say enough about the wonderful team.

January 2019  Air Force  A5SD-23268