New Site Request

The Onboarding Process for a new hosted website involves the following steps:

1. Client submits a request to the Service Desk ( for hosting a new site.

2. will send the following documents to the client:

  • Orientation document to acclimate the client with the program
  • Onboarding document explaining the business process for new sites hosting.
  • New Site Request Form for the client to complete and return if they decide to move forward with hosting.

3. Upon review of completed form from the client, may or may not need to coordinate a scoping teleconference for clarifying any client requirements and managing expectations.

  • Client requesters will normally use one of the available standardized templates relative to their organization type (see Orientation Guide).

4. If can support finalized client requirements, will send a hosting proposal (with an annual cost estimate) to client for their review and acceptance.

  • Cost estimate is based on information collected from the hosting form about the amount of website traffic (page views) and number of client AFPIMS users per annual term.

5. Upon client acceptance of proposal, will initiate the Interagency Agreement (IAA) FS Form 7600 Part A in G’invoicing for client for review and signatures.

6. Upon client’s return of signed IAA documents in G’invoicing, will sign and return copies.

7. Upon receipt of fully signed IAA documents, the client will complete a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) per instructions provided by

8. Upon’s receipt of the MIPR from the client, the client’s new site request will be forwarded to the Migration team to begin the client project on or before the start date.

  • A migration specialist will be assigned to the client.
  • The migration specialist will contact the client primary POC and coordinate a migration introduction kickoff teleconference.
  • A start date that the clients can actually become involved with the new site build will be established.

9. When the MIPR acceptance has been completed, a copy will be returned to the client and their budget/finance POC will obligate the funds to DMA.

10. When the new AFPIMS site is ready for launch, the migration specialist will send the necessary information to the client for updating the DNS entry for their public web address. o The site launch process will begin on a Monday or Tuesday and completed by Thursday or Friday.