The AFPIMS Training Department conducts regular monthly webinars the third Thursday of each month. All webinars are open to all AFPIMS users who would like to learn more about AFPIMS. 

All webinars are recorded for future viewing and stored on DVIDS (link below). We encourage open discussions and sharing of ideas in our webinars, please join us!

Please Note:  All webinars will be held using Microsoft Teams. A link to join the Teams Webinar and joining instructions will be sent out via email prior to the webinar. You must join the webinar as a guest. For the best results, please logout of your current organizations Teams account before entering the webinar and choose the browser option. We thank you for your patience as we transition to Teams platform to provide you with a better webinar experience. 

If you are unable to make the webinar, it will be recorded and posted to DVIDS a few days after it is presented.

DVIDS Link for recorded webinars

Link to the Quick Reference Guide to sign up for the Digital Analytics Program (DAP)

We’ve expanded our Webinar series with diverse content to benefit our users at every experience level!


  • AFPIMS Intro+ – offers a comprehensive experience for new users who have successfully completed the AFPIMS mandatory training. This series will expertly guide you through the content management system's modules and features, ensuring you have a solid foundation to maximize its potential.
  • AFPIMS Advanced – is for experienced AFPIMS users looking to improve on their existing websites. We present complex features of AFPIMS to further enhance your user experience and grow your audience.
  • AFPIMS Support  – explores third party features integrated into the AFPIMS system. This series delves into essential concepts and tools that enhance your website's functionality, accessibility, and more. Discover how these features integrate with your site to deliver added value.


Upcoming Webinars: 

February 13th, 2024, at 14:00 EST – AFPIMS Support

  • Multimedia Best Practices Part 2: This webinar delves into the differences between raster and vector images, outlining their respective strengths and weaknesses. Attendees will gain insights into optimal use cases, editing capabilities, and key considerations for choosing between these two digital image formats.

February 15th, 2024, at 10:00 EST – AFPIMS Intro+

  • Introduction to AFPIMS:  This webinar covers introduction of AFPIMS since it was created to what it is today. It will also include an introduction and short detailing of AFPIMS for both new users and senior leaders. This will cover the basics of the system, ease of use, security, and basic function that make it a desirable CMS.

March 12th, 2024, at 14:00 EST – AFPIMS Support

  • Intro to Learning Management System: This webinar will be an introductory walkthrough of the new LMS. It will demonstrate the essential functionality of the new training system.

March 21st, 2024, at 10:00 EST – AFPIMS Support

  • GA4 DAP Google Analytics Part 2 of 2:  This webinar will be a continuation of DAP google analytics version 4 (GA4) Part 1. We will build on the concepts presented in part 1 and discuss how AFPIMS users can configure GA 4 for their analytics needs.