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Announcements regarding changes to the public facing official DOD websites hosted by the Defense Media Activity including Cyber-Security Awareness. This is owned and operated by the Web Enterprise Business ( component in DMA.

Announcement | Oct. 19, 2023

Minutes from the Oct. 17 NextGen Collaboration Meeting

October 17, 2023



On October 17, 2023, Web Enterprise Business (WEB) held the first collaboration meeting for the WEB NextGen platform pilot program. NextGen supports the Sectary of Defense’s Directive-type Memorandum (DTM) 21-001, DoD Public Web Program which directs the Defense Media Activity (DMA) to manage a centralized service for all of DoD’s public facing websites.

Meeting Information:

The meeting was hosted through Microsoft Teams.  The meeting hosted over 1200 participants and lasted from 1300 EDT to 1440 EDT.

Microsoft Teams: DMA WEB NextGen Monthly Collaboration Series (CAC required) 

Capabilities Working Document: Capabilities Working Document to Share Publicly.xlsx (CAC required) 



  1. Program Background

  2. Introduction to Pilot

  3. Cost/Resource Model

  4. Demo of Adobe Experience Manger (AEM)

  5. Closeout and Way Ahead


Key Highlights

  • Opening Statements were given by Mr. Hal Pittman, DMA Director.

  • These meeting series are expected to occur monthly, and invites may be forwarded to others. If you would like members added to our distribution list, please provide their name and email to DMA-WEBEnterpriseBusiness at Groups dot mail dot mil. 

  • Emphasis was made that the pilot is intended to be a collaborative effort to test and meet the requirements of the organizations and future platform.

  • Cost and resource modeling is still an ongoing discussion and effort at this time.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 14 at 1 PM EST via Microsoft Teams.

Mr. Uttam Kumar

Director, Web Enterprise Business

AFPIMS Code Push Schedule
Push Date Version
1/9/2024 6.8.6
1/30/2024 6.8.7
2/21/2024 6.8.8
3/12/2024 6.8.9
4/2/2024 6.9.0
4/23/2024 6.9.1
5/14/2024 6.9.2
6/4/2024 6.9.3
6/25/2024 6.9.4
7/16/2024 6.9.5
8/6/2024 6.9.6
8/27/2024 6.9.7
9/17/2024 6.9.8
10/8/2024 6.9.9
10/29/2024 7.0.0
11/19/2024 7.0.1
12/10/2024 7.0.2
1/7/2025 7.0.3