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Announcements regarding changes to the public facing official DOD websites hosted by the Defense Media Activity including Cyber-Security Awareness. This is owned and operated by the Web Enterprise Business ( component in DMA.

Announcement | Oct. 17, 2023

Questions & Answers: NextGen Oct. 17 Meeting

Capabilities Questions

Question from OCPA: Will there be a scanner for FOUO/CUI markings on upload?

              Answer: This is a fascinating question. The DMA CIO has challenged the team to create a Compliance As a Service functionality. Our HQE has suggested it might be possible to leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning to each the computer what aggregates constitute operational security violations and have the system look not only for FOUO markings but for information which when compiled poses a danger to national security. It’s worth including these questions in the workshops and the pilot test.


Question: Will Adobe's platform include AI/ML features? I'm imagining Lightroom's Computer Vision auto-generated tags possibly applied to selective DVIDS imagery for enhanced SEO/508 compliance. As everyone knows, not all captions are created equally.

              Answer: Yes, Adobe has some fascinating Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities. This is something the team will need to test during the workshops and the pilot project. It might also be something that happens during a subsequent phase or possibly a premium add-on service.


Question: What options are available if AEM does not meet requirements?

              Answer: researched nearly a dozen options. There is a broad range of capabilities we can explore if this doesn’t suite the DOD. There’s also the option of a loosely coupled collection of technologies. For example, the current offering, AFPIMS, leverages GSA Digital Analytics Program (DAP) which is integrated with Google Analytics as well as GSA’s SearchUSA which is integrated with Bing. It might be possible to leverage other technologies that are interoperable to ensure the total technology stack achieves success. Testing will tell.


Question: Will the new system provide a URL shortener? That’s trackable?

              Answer: The team needs to research this capability.

Question: Let's say we already have an AEM site (we don't but might have one sooner than your pilot finishes), do you think we could migrate into DMA's offering?

              Answer: Yes, I would think so. This will require timing the contract closure and transition.


Interoperability questions


Question: Will will auto-insert the DAP code or will each org need to register?

Answer: Currently all DMA hosted public websites already have the Digital Analytics Program code included as per the Federal CIO requirements to ensure all the metrics roll up to This also integrates the sites with Google Analytics. This seems like a logical connection for the NextGen and there may be additional metrics capabilities that AEM offers that website managers also want. During the workshops and the pilots, the participants and the team should explore all options.  

Question: Will this system integrate with our Adobe Cloud Creative Suite for photo editing and/or video editing?

              Answer: Adobe Experience Manager has the technical capability of automatic interface with all the programs in the creative suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, and more. The question is whether these can be integrated on the backend and be authorized within or without the boundary of the Authority to Operate. Another question that will need to be addressed during the pilot projects and the workshops.


Question from USAF AMC: Can we investigate having the user attach a document when they fill out a form or sending an email through the website?

              Answer: The team will need to research the cyber resilience issues related to this as well as any potential vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, the WEB team is researching whether GSA’s survey/digital forms tool can support this capability. Touchpoints does support Personally Identifiable Information (PII), but it is not authorized for health or financial information. Also, Touchpoints is generally used for feedback for customer services. It has a 20-question limit and does not support conditional logic. Other customers have asked for the attachment capability to be added to Touchpoints, but that functionality is not currently on the roadmap. 


Question: Would the new endeavor support custom built surveys?

              Answer: As one of the premium services available via the AFPIMS contract, it might be possible to ask our contractor to purchase Foresee which is the most common customer satisfaction survey used across the federal government. This is another question that will need to be addressed during the pilot projects and the workshops, because we need to know if Adobe can also offer this capability.

Communications Questions


Question: Will there be a Teams group for this?

              Answer: Yes, we need to get it fully setup. We will also likely leverage Jira for this pilot project.


Training and Knowledge Questions


Question: What is the timeline for this project?

              Answer: The Pilot Project is slated for 18 months, of which, the first two months are dedicated to ATO work. As such, expects to begin working on the platform in the pilots around the beginning of next calendar year, January 2024. It’s not yet clear when/if migration can start. Obviously, that requires a successful pilot. The Defense Working Capital Fund is expected to come online no sooner than FY27.


Question: Are any other federal agencies on AEM?


Question: What kind of training will be provided to webmasters and anyone new being hired after AEM has been implemented?

              Answer: Adobe offers online training now: and if/when we have a successful pilot, the Training and Education team will develop DOD specific training for this and related technologies including GSA offerings as well legal and regulatory topics such as accessibility.




AFPIMS Code Push Schedule
Push Date Version
1/9/2024 6.8.6
1/30/2024 6.8.7
2/21/2024 6.8.8
3/12/2024 6.8.9
4/2/2024 6.9.0
4/23/2024 6.9.1
5/14/2024 6.9.2
6/4/2024 6.9.3
6/25/2024 6.9.4
7/16/2024 6.9.5
8/6/2024 6.9.6
8/27/2024 6.9.7
9/17/2024 6.9.8
10/8/2024 6.9.9
10/29/2024 7.0.0
11/19/2024 7.0.1
12/10/2024 7.0.2
1/7/2025 7.0.3