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Announcements regarding changes to the public facing official DOD websites hosted by the Defense Media Activity including Cyber-Security Awareness. This is owned and operated by the Web Enterprise Business ( component in DMA.

Announcement | Oct. 17, 2023

Websites have lots of Moving Parts including Metrics, Surveys, Forms, Search

There are many parts to a website. Metrics and analytics as well as digital forms and compliance. Compliance is both cyber resilience as well as legal and regulatory. As the Web Enterprise Business team moves forward with the pilot project for the NextGen, here’s a look at some things that might remain the same and some plug-in or loosely coupled services that might change.  

GSA Service Offerings 

The future of the Defense Media Activity official public DOD websites may include many of the GSA offers, among them, the digital analytics program (DAP), Touchpoints online digital forms and compliance scanning. Additional details about the DAP program are available on the website. A display of the near real time views of federal websites is available at According to the White House Fact Sheet on Digital Experience, only 2% of federal forms are digital.  The GSA Touchpoints digitals forms is an effort to change that. Currently all GSA offerings including DAP, Touchpoints and the future scanning are free to the federal organizations that leverage them. The compliance scanning is still under construction and as soon as more information becomes available, it will be posted here. The plan for the whole of federal government compliance scanning is to publish the results publicly in the same way everyone can see analytics about federal websites at

Search Offerings 

GSA also has a search offering and this article discusses search separately from the GSA offerings above because there may be a menu of search options going forward that might include some premium offerings. Currently, the Marines leverage a uniquely developed faceted search which allows users to search the website by unit or topic. Additionally, the Navy uses a similar approach, but they have implemented the search on by leveraging advanced features in the GSA offering  The Web Enterprise Business team is particularly interested to see what cloud options might be available leveraging artificial intelligence. During the NextGen pilot project, this will be something to consider.  

Premium Offerings 

Premium offerings required additional payment. Currently, the Defense Media Agency team offers newsclip service, content managers, content providers and portfolio managers as well as graphics illustrators.  There’s also customer satisfaction surveys and RSS-triggered mass email services that allow website readers to sign up for notifications whenever there’s a new news or press release.  


AFPIMS Code Push Schedule
Push Date Version
1/9/2024 6.8.6
1/30/2024 6.8.7
2/21/2024 6.8.8
3/12/2024 6.8.9
4/2/2024 6.9.0
4/23/2024 6.9.1
5/14/2024 6.9.2
6/4/2024 6.9.3
6/25/2024 6.9.4
7/16/2024 6.9.5
8/6/2024 6.9.6
8/27/2024 6.9.7
9/17/2024 6.9.8
10/8/2024 6.9.9
10/29/2024 7.0.0
11/19/2024 7.0.1
12/10/2024 7.0.2
1/7/2025 7.0.3