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Announcement | Oct. 4, 2023

WEB NextGen Contract Awarded

Defense Media Activity, Web Enterprise Business

The Defense Media Activity Web Enterprise Business ( is excited to announce that the contract to develop and run a pilot for the WEB NextGen system was awarded on September 26, 2023! This system is being tested to determine if it could be used to fulfill the Public Web Directive Type Memo (DTM) requirements.  Units have submitted numerous candidates for pilot websites from the various Department components.  Thank you!  DMA WEB is always open to further feedback while working to finalize details on the pilot in the coming weeks. 

The WEB NextGen team will host a teleconference call starting at 1 PM EST on October 17th to introduce the pilot and the Adobe Experience Manager Platform. If interested, free AEM training is available online to take a look at the pilot technology to be tested. Invitations have gone out. Please feel free to Contact the team for further details. Agenda items include:

  • WEB NextGen Pilot
  • Cost and Resource Model
  • Background
  • Way Ahead

The meeting will be recorded and uploaded to the Web Enterprise Business DVIDS channel.


AFPIMS Code Push Schedule
Push Date Version
1/9/2024 6.8.6
1/30/2024 6.8.7
2/21/2024 6.8.8
3/12/2024 6.8.9
4/2/2024 6.9.0
4/23/2024 6.9.1
5/14/2024 6.9.2
6/4/2024 6.9.3
6/25/2024 6.9.4
7/16/2024 6.9.5
8/6/2024 6.9.6
8/27/2024 6.9.7
9/17/2024 6.9.8
10/8/2024 6.9.9
10/29/2024 7.0.0
11/19/2024 7.0.1
12/10/2024 7.0.2
1/7/2025 7.0.3