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Announcement | May 2, 2023 Expands Services Offering Website Content and Portfolio Management Options for a Fee

By Charlotte Ann "Charlie" Hu

The team is expanding its services catalog to include optional content and portfolio management support for a fee from the following three categories:

Option 1: Content Specialist

Option 2: Content Manager

Option 3: Portfolio Manager

These websites are already leveraging these services: , and

DOD units who need assistance managing their public websites and public web programs can choose one or more of the following content management options on a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month contract length at the selected a level of service and cost that fits their unit’s needs and budget. Part-time subject matter experts (SMEs) are also available. None of these positions can do backend development work. All backend work will be submitted via ticket as usual. These positions are similar to military or civilian personnel who normally manage official DOD websites. 

Content Specialist

A content specialist is a general website manager who builds and maintains DOD public facing websites in AFPIMS. This position creates and edits new web pages based on mission needs and requirements using user experience/user interface (UX/UI) standards and best practices. (Note: UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements that you interact with when using a website, app, or other electronic device. UX refers to the entire interaction you have with a product, including how you feel about the interaction.) This position publishes multiple content types including news articles, press releases, statements, transcripts, press briefings and photos. They can also be given access to a unit DVIDS account to upload and publish podcasts and videos. A content specialist can also review Section 508 compliance reports ensuring the unit’s public website meets accessibility regulations and requirements. This position also understands DOD/federal web policies and can recommend and implement AFPIMS modules to create site management efficiencies and dynamic “no code” content.

Content Manager

A content manager is an AFPIMS “super user” with full site administrator permissions and host-level access (SEC+ certified) with all the knowledge, skills and abilities of a content specialist. This subject matter expert publishes multiple content types like a content specialist, but also manages shared content in the Shared Media Manager and site directory. A content manager creates wireframes and mockups of new web pages for client review and edits existing web pages. They also recommend new site additions based on UX/UI standards and best practices. This expert can leverage custom HTML/CSS coding and document changes for use by the unit and service desk to support front-end code troubleshooting efforts. A content manager also adds, reviews, and modifies site manager and content provider permissions (including adding users to the system after they have completed AFPIMS training). This expert can also modify security roles in AFPIMS and assign users to specific security roles to edit the entire site or specific pages.

Portfolio Manager

A portfolio manager administers an organization’s public web program and performs all content manager services and functions. They train site managers on custom HTML/CSS coding unique to an AFPIMS site or theme. They recommend and implement SEO optimizations as well as configure results pages and compile metrics reports. This expert can also manage the organization’s Digital Analytics Program account and liaise with AFPIMS service desk, migration, and development teams on the client’s behalf to address service desk tickets. This expert can also operate in a collaborative Scrum team environment as a content consultant and act as a product owner on a unit’s behalf with their authorization. Some portfolio managers have public affairs experience and can write and edit press releases, news stories, and features for online use. They can also produce printable brochures, trifolds, fillable PDFs, and other web documents following AP Stylebook and DINFOS standards. However, they are contractors and any content they produce must be approved by a unit PAO or commander before it can be released. These experts can also be assigned an individual VIRIN and VISION ID for publishing photos and graphics with unit PAO approval.

The process to add these services to an existing agreement include:

1) Outline specific project scope, requirements, deliverables for 3/6/12-month contract at a specific level of services as listed above and specify full or part-time.

2) DMA Content Services team reviews contract requirements and assigns relevant team member(s) to support contract.

3) MIPR funds. 

4) SME begins reporting to the unit from the services contract.

These experts can be paid for via MIPR and will leverage the existing DMA services contract. For additional details and to request content services support, please contact the team through the service desk at 301-222-6600, DSN 312-733-4600 or email

This capability will continue forward with the NexGen DMA DOD public web hosting capability that DMA will begin testing soon. 





AFPIMS Code Push Schedule
Push Date Version
1/9/2024 6.8.6
1/30/2024 6.8.7
2/21/2024 6.8.8
3/12/2024 6.8.9
4/2/2024 6.9.0
4/23/2024 6.9.1
5/14/2024 6.9.2
6/4/2024 6.9.3
6/25/2024 6.9.4
7/16/2024 6.9.5
8/6/2024 6.9.6
8/27/2024 6.9.7
9/17/2024 6.9.8
10/8/2024 6.9.9
10/29/2024 7.0.0
11/19/2024 7.0.1
12/10/2024 7.0.2
1/7/2025 7.0.3