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Announcement | March 22, 2022

DMA Web Enterprise Business will no longer evaluate web development to ensure proper display on Internet Explorer

Web Enterprise Business

Microsoft will be retiring Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on most major Windows operating systems on June 15, 2022. Internet Explorer will no longer receive bug fixes and security updates from Microsoft after June 15th on those operating systems. Additionally, the Defense Media Activity (DMA) will not evaluate website development code to ensure proper display on the Internet Explorer browser moving forward. 

For any users who are currently using IE, we strongly recommend that you switch to a supported browser. 

Analyzing DMA website hosting traffic, IE accounts for a small fraction of our visitors. Most website consumers read the DMA hosted official websites using either Chrome or Edge. Many popular websites have already dropped support for IE.  

AFPIMS plans to drop support for IE11 starting June 15th 2022 

What does dropping support mean? Consumers will still be able to view DMA hosted official DOD websites using IE, but DMA cannot guarantee the presentation. Dropping support simply means that going forward from June 15th DMA will no longer test and ensure that DMA hosted official DOD websites functions properly when displayed on an IE browser. The DMA website development team may remove any IE specific functionality moving forward to focus on supporting the majority of website consumers that use modern browsers. 

If any DMA web hosting customers have concerns, please contact the support desk. Please see or the CAC-enabled training site at  

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