Performance Tracking

SiteGauge is a website traffic analysis application that provides near real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction with a website. SiteGauge enables Site Managers and Administrators to analyze their visitors, with the objective of interpreting and optimizing their website’s performance. The Miscellaneous section of SiteGauge contains statistics not found in other sections of the site. It includes data on Entrances, Exits, Broken Links, URLs, and more.

There are 5 primary reasons why data could change in SiteGauge over time for any profile:

  1. SiteGauge employs two separate data sources for facilitating analysis of incoming connections. The first is the User Agent String database. This database is updated, at most, once per day and entries, if they change from day to day, can affect the following reports and metrics: Browsers, Crawlers, Devices, and Operating Systems. The following metrics are also affected because User Agent string is used to determine whether a connection is from a crawler, bot, or spider: Visitors, Page Views, bounces, and anything peripherally related to those metrics which is essentially everything except unique clients. Since the user agent string database is updated frequently, a connection that was previously considered unknown could now be known and depending upon its classification as either a crawler, bot, or spider, the site’s values for page views, visitors, etc. could change up or down over time.
  2. The second database that is used is a Geo IP database, which links IP addresses to known geographical locations. This database is also updated on a daily basis and dependent on when a report is actually executed. The values of the number of visits, etc. for the reports which show information regarding physical location could change.
  3. Your log source provider (Akamai) deploys over 300,000 servers for its content delivery network. All of these servers have their own web log files and these files are aggregated to produce log delivery into single log files below 50MB in size, which SiteGauge then parses to analyze for metrics purposes. Since there is such a vast array of log entries spread over so many servers all over the world, there can be a delay in final metrics for your site.
  4. Filter changes to your profile almost always results in metrics changes.
  5. Reprocessing a profile always results in changes to your metrics, as the latest User Agent string database and GEO IP database is used for all current and archival data going back 2 years.

Any and all of the preceding items can cause metrics to change from day to day and week to week.