Freedom To Create

Our online training resources at will enable the average PA professional to post and share their news articles, releases, press advisories, transcripts, speeches, publications, biographies, contracts, imagery, and videos within AFPIMS. The PA professional will be able to share their content across the over 900 web sites hosted in AFPIMS. The PA professional can also incorporate into their own content the existing content from the other AFPIMS web sites.

There will be no need for the PA professional to rely on any special software or web services team that could affect their online performance or timeline. The PA professional can simply login via an internet browser with their CAC from any location around the world, office, home, remote assignment and complete their tasks at hand.

Sites are designed so the content you see while editing appears as it does when it goes live. In addition, Site Managers have the ability to customize the permission levels to assure only select users have access to parts of the site. This assures a more controlled and standardized publishing workflow in the site for all users.

Each branch of service has a specific skin that determines the overall look and feel of all sites within that branch. There are also specific content types, modules, and navigation items required on each site as per branch policy. During the migration phase of site creation, your migration specialist familiarizes you with these as they are added. While each branch of service offers many site variations, there are items that are the same for all AFPIMS websites, and this section covers those basics.

Our system is robust and provides customization of the site while assuring, through permissions, that a strong publishing workflow is available. Pages and modules work together with permissions to distribute work loads and keep a steady flow of information available to the public. The entirety of the system works to assure that visitors enjoy a clean site that you and your users have worked to provide.